A Kid Favorite, in a Bento

I've been asked, quite often actually, about what F&B eat, whether they eat so-called kid food, do we make it, do we buy it, etc.

Well, yes, yes & yes. If possible, I try to make it for them, but I have been known to run through the nearest drive-thru or grab a $5 pizza on the way home from taekwondo (hey, it balances out--1 hour of taekwondo nullifies the effects of the take-out, really!!!).

But back to the making it parts. I have no objections to simple, kid-pleasing foods on occasion, especially when I know the ingredients. Today's meatball subs were actually leftovers from our dinner the other night (yummy Italian style meatballs with marinara) and pared up with Nature's Own Honey Wheat buns (my favorite store bought bread, I do not make bread). And who doesn't like meatball subs?

Faith has a meatball sub with grated cheddar on top (since I forgot to buy mozzarella). She has some cantaloupe, a couple of cucumber flowers, baby carrots underneath those, and the last piece of brownie from my I-really-want-brownies baking the other night.

I find it to be a nice kid-friendly meal but one where I know the composition, so win-win!


  1. Not sure what you mean by specifically kid-friendly -- this would be gobbled by every member of our family! Meatball sub = yum :D

  2. What a cheerful and filling lunch! Nice balance of healthy foods with a fun brownie treat too! Yummers.

  3. That meatball sub looks really good!

  4. Thanks all! I thought it made a nice chance from regular sandwiches.

    Sheri, we all love them too, my husband even commented on FB how he didn't get one! I was trying to think of good substitutes for the typical kid-centered school lunch themes.


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