The Kids Cook Monday - Simple Dinners by F&B

Today's The Kids Cook Monday project is a little late in coming. I had a busy morning, coffee with a Twitter pal but in real life, then the kids had taekwondo and I decided to stay for the adult class. On the way home, we decided to make ham & cheese melts for a quick and easy dinner.

The kids are easily able to make their own sandwiches, we did turkey, ham and cheese on Nature's Own Multigrain Sandwich Rounds:

While the sandwiches were toasting in the toaster oven, I had them raid the fridge to find side dishes. They chose carrots, cucumbers & ranch, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries for sides, then we added a few of the veggie chips we're all loving!

And voila! A simple dinner made by F&B. I absolutely love that they make all the healthy choices on their own.

Next week, back to the kitchen for something that's not sandwiches, I'll try to plan better!


  1. super cute! what awesome helpers. i love how they love healthy food, i wish my little man ate it so willingly!

  2. This is great! I need to keep this in mind for an easy dinner when I am eating alone.


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