The Kids Cook Monday - Zucchini-Monterey Jack Stuffed Biscuits

Another edition of The Kids Cook Monday and another zucchini recipe.

What can I say, the boy loves his zucchini and it's such a nice versatile veggie to work with. And the mom in me can't exactly object to being able to easily add a veggie to the meal.

Today, Mr. Ben & I made our own adaptation of these Meatless Italian Strombolis from All Home Cooking, All Year Long. I didn't have crescent roll dough, but I did have biscuits. Biscuits worked, we used two flattened ones for each stromboli, filled the middle, and crimped the edges with a fork. I also used Monterey Jack because I still don't have mozzarella and we added a half teaspoon or so of marinara to each one.

Ben's version:

Chop up the zucchini, then put it in the chopper and chop it some more. (Mommy says we used 1 small zucchini.)

Then, mix the zucchini with lots of cheese. (Mommy says about 1 cup or so shredded cheese.)

Then smoosh a biscuit flat and put some sauce on the spoon and put it in the middle of the biscuit. (Mommy says about a half teaspoon or so, you don't want tons of sauce, we served ours with marinara for dipping instead.)

Then put some of the zucchini and cheese on top of the sauce but don't let it spill over. (Mommy says maybe 1-2 tblsp should do it.)

Then smoosh another biscuit, put it on top, then use a fork to push the edges together. (Mommy says pinch the edges so they stick, then use a fork to crimp it.)

Put the biscuits on a cookie sheet and put them in the toaster oven. (Mommy says bake at 400 for however long the biscuit package recommends, and excuse the yucky bottom cookie sheet, it's the only one that fits in the toaster oven.)

And then you eat them!!! (Mommy says that it is also recommended that you do not burn your chin on the cookie sheet because you have to smell them, even though she already told you they are too hot to eat and not to touch them.)


  1. That ugly cookie sheet is a sign of good use. I love to see that - lets me know that it's been shown lots of love. :) I think the kids would love this recipe. Gonna give it a try!

  2. He is adorable! Those big eyes are something else. I love the way you're getting your kids involved in the kitchen. My son enjoys helping me out but hasn't take on the leadership role yet, I need to find a Paulo friendly recipe and let him take over.

  3. SO cute!!! The biscuit strombolis sound delicious!


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