Kind of Silly Princess Bento

I wanted to bring the kids a snack for after taekwondo last night, so had planned on using the zucchini-parmesan muffins. However, I thought the kids might need a bit more protein and I had bought some deli turkey the other day. In the process of rolling it to fit, this silly little princess kind of took shape in my head. - Easy to Make Princess Bento with zucchini parmesan muffins, ham and fruits

Faith has a zucchini-parmesan muffin, with some turkey roll curls, a cheddar crown, blueberry eyes and a strawberry smile. The other side holds strawberry slices and grapes.

I just love when a simple idea comes together. You have to admit, the eyes and smile make it so much cuter without a lot of extra work! :o)


  1. The best kind of princess! I need to come up with some more fun bentos!

  2. Looks delish and the muffin sounds yummy. Very cute box!

  3. Nice crown for the Princess! The muffin looks yum, love the color :)

  4. Thanks girls! It kind of amused me, since it was so goofy looking, but Faith loved it, so that's what counts. :o)


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