Piggie Sandwich for Faith!

Busy day today, so sharing a bento from the other night that is already resized and edited! Faith took this for an after-taekwondo dinner, because she is always hungry if we stay for the adult class afterwards. On the plus side, if she and Ben eat dinner at taekwondo, I can get away with a light snack at home before bed, instead of cooking another meal!

Faith has a cream cheese and jelly sandwich, made with Santa Cruz Organics seedless raspberry jam and Nature's Own Multigrain Sandwich Rounds (Momtrends SCO review is posted here), topped with a white cheddar piggie! She also has a mix & match mini muffin, no idea what kind, some veggie chips and a fruit kebab with strawberries & cantaloupe. The stick is from the Dollar Tree when they had all the summer/luau themed items, I think it's a drink stirrer.


  1. Cute Piggywich and I love the fruit skewer! :)

  2. It kind of reminded me of a roast pig. Didn't tell Faith that, she is starting to think about where food comes from.


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