Pumpkin-ed Out Bento for Ben

While Miss Faith is at Nasa, Ben and I headed out shopping yesterday to finish a few little things for her birthday. In the process, we popped into Ross and discovered a plethora of Wilton Halloween & Fall baking items (and a few Christmas ones too), and for really good prices. I had a bunch of the Halloween cutters, but added some fall ones to my collections, including some layered ones, and a linzer cookie maker!

In case you were curious, the linzer cookie maker also makes for really adorable little sandwiches! I still may make the cookies, but I do like the idea of using them for sandwich decorations.

Mr. Ben was the official taste tester/sampler. He had the linzer sandwiches--ham & cheese on Nature's Own Honey 7 Grain bread, which happens to be my current favorite. He has a few extra cheese pumpkins and a few veggies chips. Below that, he has a mini muffin and some Pucca fish I bought at Minoya the other night. To the right, he has watermelon from our garden, cantaloupe from the grocery store, and a few blackberries, all accented with some cute pumpkin picks, from the Dollar Tree!

Hopefully, Faith should be home soon with Nasa stories and pictures. Her 8th birthday is tomorrow, so I think we'll have some assorted 8 themed lunches to celebrate!


  1. Looks, and sounds tasty!! What is a layered cookie cutter? And...how do you use it? Maybe I've been missing something really great!

  2. Great idea with the linzer cookie cutter for sandwiches. I really like the square container compartments - this seems more kid sized unlike the really big 4 square bentos. May I ask where you picked it up?

  3. @Marie, it's a Lock&Lock box. I got it several years ago at Target, I believe Amazon still carries them online. :o)

  4. very nice pumpkin lunch..:-p I should try to find the square box someday. It looks practical to use.

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