Quesadilla Bento for Faith

In honor of my friend Mrs. Q at Fed Up with Lunch and the interesting quesadilla she had on Wednesday, F&B had quesadillas for lunch today.

Except ours weren't shrink wrapped. And the tortillas were whole grain and fresh from the grocery bakery where I bought them in a still warm package. And we used a lovely sharp cheddar for flavor, along with sliced pears. I love cheese & pears together.

Faith's lunch includes a quesadilla, sliced into thirds, and filled with old cheddar and pear sliced, and topped with a cute little white cheddar pear, orange cheddar stem and a wee bit of cucumber peel for the leaf. She also has cucumber flowers, baby carrots, one of her mini-muffins from Monday (my guess is blueberry & coconut based on the zoom function), cantaloupe chunks, half a pluot and a couple of blackberries.


  1. Quality food at it' best! Cute koala pick, I love it!

  2. Never tried pear and apple together before..although I do love apples and cheddar. I know what i'm trying out next time..lol

  3. Never thought of putting pear in a quesadilla - yum! I love turkey/apple/cheddar sandwiches, so will have to give this a try!


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