Simple Little Airplane Bento for Ben

Bentos can be really really simple if you want them to be, exceptionally simple actually! And cute stuff can be kept to a minimum (or, I suppose, not at all, but that wouldn't be much fun now, would it?).

Ben has a stuffed corndog muffin with a cheese airplane on top--one cookie cutter, one slice of cheese, one cut, and we've got an airplane! Behind that, he has some carrot & celery sticks, to go with the little yellow container of dip in the bottom right corner. He has pineapple and blackberries, and a homemade peach/apple fruit roll up.

While I didn't time the actual bento making process, I had the muffin made, the roll ups made, and the fruit/veggies already diced in my fridge. The little cheese plane didn't require a whole lot of mental effort. ;o)


  1. i agree with the whole time aspect. once you start making bentos they are a breeze. i can get three done now in less than 20 minutes, once i do my grocery shopping i chopped and cut all my fruit and veggies so everything is in containers ready to go into my kids boxes. and using a cookie cutter takes just a few seconds. i love your blog and i love making bentos!! :)

  2. Your bento boxes are really outstanding. I'm sure they make your daughter's lunches a special affair. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Yes, the cheese characters and shapes really jazz things up ... or 'cutify' a bento. I do look forward to what shape you are going to do next so I know your kids must! I have to ask, how DO you get them to eat celery? lol

  4. Looks like the plane is going to crash into the carrot trees, lol


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