Feeding My Husband - Simple On-the-Go Bento

Sometimes, it just has to be simple. Shaun is in real estate, so some of his lunches need to be eaten in the car. So food that is messy, food that needs to be kept refrigerated (versus ice packs) and food that needs reheating is out.

The other day, he had multiple appointments and little time to stop for lunch, so I attempted a simple bento that could be eaten in the car in a short period of time.

On The Go Bento Easy Lunchboxes

Excuse the picture please. I made it very late the night before and he left early, so the only picture I had is under the dining room lights.

He has a sandwich on Nature's Own Multigrain Sandwich Rounds. I used pepperjack, turkey, ham, a bit of lettuce and a light coating of mayo, some black pepper and other seasonings. I did skip the onions, banana peppers, tomatoes and the larger amount of mayo. You can't exactly meet customers wearing your sandwich!

To go with it, he has veggie chips, a sweet muffin of sorts and some watermelon from our garden. I would have preferred sending an apple or grapes, but we only had melons and berries, so I assumed he could just be careful.

It's packed in one of our Easy Lunchboxes because I also like to send the mini cooler & ice packs with him in the car. If you've been wondering about the Easy Lunchboxes, now is a great time to buy them. Kelly is offering a free black cooler bag with an order of Easy Lunchboxes, estimated arrival in mid-October. If you can wait a couple of weeks for yours to arrive, this is an awesome deal! I'm thinking about ordering a second set because I really want a second cooler too.

Oh, and because he's in real estate, the picks have teeny tiny houses on them! I kind of had to use them.


  1. I like seeing the simple bento lunches too. I should really post some of mine too. Umm...Shannon, most of my lunches are packed early morning before the sun comes up so my photos are mostly like that unless I make some on the weekends. It looks fine! Love the Easy Lunchboxes!

  2. love the simplicity of your box..sometimes this is what I need during busy morning :-D


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