A Snack Bento for after Martial Arts

We all had martial arts last night--the kids have their 1 hour class, followed by a 1 hour class for Shaun & I. Of course, they are hungry right after their class. Since we are a) staying for our class and b) eating dinner when we get home, it's a delicate balance between feeding them enough so they aren't starving for that second hour and not too much so they'll still eat dinner when we get home.

I opted to try some little snack boxes, using a carrot roll up recipe I found on Snack Girl. I thought it would have been lovely with a few chunks of cheese, but we kind of didn't have any cheese, so we had to make do. :o)

This is Ben's, but both kids had similar boxes. It includes carrot rolls--whole grain tortillas, covered with a bit of cream cheese, shredded carrots, and raisins, rolled up and sliced into rounds. He also had blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and cantaloupe. A little low on the protein, but it was enough to tide him over until dinner, which was my original goal.


  1. Did Ben like the roll-ups? I am thinking of adding a little cinnamon to make them pop. Thanks for the mention - great website! Lisa

  2. He loved them, they both did! I was wondering about cinnamon or a flavored cream cheese (neither of which I had at the time).


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