Another Halloween Bento Lunch

Still loving the spooky Halloween themed bentos around here.

This one's just a simple little, got-to-feed-the-kids kind of meal because I need to run to the store! Had some leftover pasta, so that worked well to be turned into a pasta salad. I did have veggies, but minimal fruits, so it was the best I could do on short notice! :o)

Faith has a pasta salad (trying out Jovial Einkorn pasta) with ham and cheese, topped with a marble cheddar bat. She has carrots, peapods and a witch's cat made of cucumber, some cantaloupe and dried cranberries with her spooky little ghost pick, and some veggie straws.

We definitely need more fruit choices, plus eggs, and maybe some pretzels. I need to bake a bit more too. Variety seems to be lacking a wee bit right now.


  1. Very cute! I love this box with the compartments!

  2. Each section has their own spookiness. Love to see your Halloween bento :)

  3. Love all the spooky details! The cat, the ghost and the bat! You have them all in one bento :D


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