Another Hoot-iful Bento for Faith

Yes, we really like owls around here. After Faith's last hoot-iful bento, I've been meaning to do a second one using our big owl cutter, figuring it would be easier to decorate. It was. Much easier to make wings, a beak and eyes when the owl in question is larger than one's thumbnail.

Faith has a triple decker owl sandwich--one piece of Nature's Own 7 Grain Honey, sliced into three owls and filled with ham & cheese. It's topped with a white cheddar owl, with orange cheddar wings and beak, and two pink sugar eyes. Next to the owl are a few pretzels and some baby carrot pieces to make sure Mr. Owl doesn't move out of place. The other half holds honeydew and watermelon pieces.

Baking pumpkin spice cake bars right now, I'll share the recipe later after we taste test them!


  1. So cute!

    I have a quick question -- how do you keep everything adhered to the sandwich (meaning the beak, eyes, etc)? When I made my first one last week, I just put them on there without anything special to afix them. Of course, they slid all over the place.


  2. Tiny dots of cream cheese work pretty well as glue. :o) If you use the tip of a toothpick, you can kind of poke it in place without it showing.

  3. Adorable! Can not wait to see the cake bars ;)

  4. Loving the cute owl! Can't wait to see the pumpkin recipe :D


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