Feeding My Husband - Sloppy Joe Bento

Shaun's at his office today, which means a) he needed lunch and b) I could be more flexible in what I send because he has a fridge, microwave and a desk to eat it on. I also really wanted to use out a few leftovers.

We had sloppy joes the other night, with only enough left for maybe one person. I really wanted to send those, but that is kind of messy for a work day. Until ... I discovered one lonely pita bread left from the BBQ sandwiches we made a few days ago. Now that could work. Same flavor, but the bread would actually hold the meat!

Sloppy Joe Bento Easy Lunchboxes

Shaun has a sloppy joe pita with marble cheese and onions peeking out on top. It's sitting on a bed of lettuce for another idea of mine--a deconstructed salad. I didn't have enough space for a full salad and the pitas, so I layered the lettuce on the bottom, then filled the lower side container with the fixings (carrots, cucumber, mushrooms and tomatoes). Once he takes out the sandwiches, he can toss it all together and have a salad. He also has a piece of our really yummy pumpkin cake.

It's packed in one of our Easy Lunchboxes. This has become a favorite of mine for him, it holds a lot and I do like the cooler for convenience. It's still a great time to order the Easy Lunchboxes, Kelly is offering a free black cooler bag with an order, estimated arrival in mid-October. If you can wait a couple of weeks for yours to arrive, this is a great deal!

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  1. Hello, fellow Horton member! This looks like such a clever lunch -- especially, with the deconstructed salad... great idea... come visit when you can...

  2. I LOVE bento lunches. My mom used to make them for me, and now I practice on my husband.

    He thinks I'm such a dork when I include shaped hard boiled eggs, haha.


  3. I pack lunches for my husband everyday, but I am running out of new ideas. I'm going to keep an eye on you to get some ideas going!


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