Faith's Witch 'Wich Bento

Since Ben had a Halloween bento, Faith had to have one too. Of course, it's not fun to make two that are the same, so she has a "Which witch-'wich is which" themed box. (I just really wanted to write that.)

Overall, the contents are pretty similar to Ben's. She also has a cream cheese & jelly sandwich, made with Santa Cruz Organic Blackberry-Pomegranate Jam, but on Nature's Own 100& WHoney 7-Grain bread. It's decorated with an orange cheddar witch and her white cheddar cat. The hat and broom parts are white cheddar too. Up top are veggie chips, carrot sticks, and cucumber pumpkins (perfect size to remove the peel without lots of pieces left). To the right, she has a piece of pumpkin cake with a jack-o-lantern pick and strawberries/honeydew with the spooky little ghost pick.

Like Ben's, it's packed in one of our Easy Lunchboxes. The Easy Lunchboxes special is still available--you can get a free black cooler bag with an order, estimated arrival in later October. Perfect if you can wait a couple of weeks for yours. We use our cooler all the time, for the Easy Lunchboxes and for other bentos. It easily fits two Easy Lunchboxes, two water bottles, two forks, two napkins, etc, so we can bring one container for both kiddos.


  1. right now kroger has a lot of halloween bento friendly items. They have picks and cupcake holders and cookie cutters. You should check it out if you haven't already!

  2. Too cute! I see I'm going to get a lot of ideas for my kids' lunches! :)


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