Halloween Bento Showcase, Part 2

There are just too many awesome Halloween bentos out there to only have a Saturday showcase, so I'm showing off a Sunday one too! A few more talented friends agreed to let me show off a few of my favorites from their blogs.

Susan is the author of Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook and has totally changed the way I look at some of my design. I've attempted quite a few of her bentos and while I don't have her flair (or kids that eat nori), I'm having a lot of fun trying!

Her Frankenwich is wonderful. I'm constantly amazed at how perfect her designs seem--clean, balanced, smooth edges.

Same with her boo-tiful ghost bento! It just looks so crisp and sharp. One of the many tricks I've learned from her are the little candy eyes on the ghosts. They are so quick to add to faces for detail.

Debra writes HapaBento and her lunches are simply elegant looking. The caprese salads she made all summer looked divine and I need to visit her as she sends travel bentos home with her house guests!

I love this bento, called "The Lost Caramel Apple", check out the teeny little sesame seed ants!

And the aforementioned caprese, but the Little Shop of Horrors version!

Stephanie at A Pocket Full of Buttons has the cutest little girls she makes bentos for. Her oldest and Ben are about the same age (so hopefully we will make it to CA this spring and get to meet them!). With two little girls, she has a ton of cute Halloween lunches, and she sews too!!!

We do love skulls at my house, so I think this witch's shoe and skull one is awesome! And her recipe for pumpkin/apple bread sounds so good.

And since I'm writing this from Austin, I'm going with this adorable bat bento (Austin has the largest colony of Mexican freetail bats, in case you were wondering about the segue). Look at all the cute little bat accents, even a bat resting on the watermelon flowers. I love it!

Susan, Debra, Stephanie, thank you all so much for letting me share these! It is such an honor to "meet" such talented ladies!


  1. Love this selection. So diverse and festive!

  2. I agree Susan and Deb are amazing bento artists! Thank you for including me ion your picks. I have to say tho, your bentos are pretty spectacular as well :)


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