Halloween Laptop Lunch Bentos

The kids had to come with me this afternoon, so we packed a nice heavy late lunch to carry them through until after church. I decided to break out the Laptop Lunches for the occasion. Shaun usually uses them instead of the kids, but they were both here and clean and they do hold a whole lot.

I also repurposed some dinner leftovers into a very yummy salad. We had leftover grilled chicken and homemade pesto from the other night, which turned into a lovely pesto chicken salad. Both kids and Shaun really liked the flavor, and it's always nice to get rid of leftovers.

Faith had a honey grain sandwich pocket, cut in half, and stuffed with the pesto chicken salad. It's topped with a Halloween bat made of orange cheddar cheese with a white cheddar body. To the right of that, she has fresh peapods, baby carrots and cucumber moons (the moon cutter was perfect, two per slice and almost no waste). Below is cantaloupe with a ghost pick and to the left is a container of dip for the veggies, dried cran-cherries and a homemade zucchini-chocolate chip muffin that *Faith* made this afternoon while I was making the chicken salad. She was able to follow the whole recipe on her own and they turned out wonderfully!


  1. Congratulations Faith!! Now YOU can bake for ME!!!

  2. Delicious Halloween lunch! And awesome job to miss Faith!!!! :D

  3. Nice job Faith! Soon she will make her own bento :)


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