One Last Halloween Bento

Time for one final Halloween bento, then we're on to a different theme starting tomorrow. But I had to add to try this while I still had one last bento to post. We haven't had anything mummy related and I do love the mummy pizzas I've seen posted all over the web.

Faith had a muffin mummy pizza--I used white cheddar pieces for the bandages, a couple of olives for the eyes and a half piece of pepperoni for the smile. Very easy and the kids were amused. Faith also has some cantaloupe, honeydew and strawberry pieces, a few pretzels, cucumbers and carrot sticks. No sweets right now, we let the kids enjoy their Halloween candy on Halloween night, so trying to up the good food content before we head out trick-or-treating.

If you'd like to see their costumes, and all the Halloweens from teeny baby Faith in 2002 onwards, it's all here on the family blog.


  1. Aww, I love his little smile! Too cute. :) Happy Halloween!

  2. Your mummy pizza is awesome!!! I'm now sad that there will be no more Halloween bentos in our house.

  3. That's one friendly mummy! The "bandages" were put on really well! :D


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