Quick & Easy Halloween Bat Bento

I realized yesterday, around 2pm, that the kids needed something to take with them, so had to throw together a couple of quick bentos for them.

On the plus side, you can be completely Halloween themed without a whole lot of work, just a couple of cut-outs, sprinkles and picks!

Miss Faith wanted a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich (really), since she loves the onion & chive cream cheese we bought. Easy enough! It's on Nature's Own Multigrain Sandwich Rounds with a marble cheddar bat for Halloween spookiness. Surrounding it are blackberry-pomegranate crisps (made by Quaker, I think) that Grandma bought the last time she was over.

The bottom tier holds strawberry yogurt with bat, pumpkin and ghost sprinkles. That container has a separate lid, so it seals nicely and doesn't leak. To the right, we have grapes with Halloween picks. Nana is sending the kiddos a Halloween fruit bouquet, so we're trying to just use the grapes & cantaloupe we have instead of buying a variety right now.


  1. Shannon - I just found your blog not too long ago, but I have to say I get so much inspiration from your ideas - I love it and so does my little one!! I have a question for you - where do you buy all of your cookie cutters? I have some good Christmas ones, but I would like to quickly build up a large assortment, but am not sure where to look for cheaper ones that will last through multiple sandwich cutting. Any advice?

  2. I'd recommend metal over plastic. You have to be a bit more careful washing/drying metal (they can rust) but they work a million times better than plastic ones. Wilton makes a ton of adorable ones (Michael's/Joann's sell them). Hobby Lobby sells Wilton and they also sell their own brand that I've discovered work really well. Look after the holidays too. I have a ton of Halloween ones that I bought after last Halloween for a fraction of the price, even Target carries some!

  3. The cute bento doesn't look like a speedy one at all! So nicely done. Like the little sprinkle so much! :D

  4. Miss Faith is my kind of kid. Cream cheese and cucumber, YUM!

  5. Shannon - Thanks for your advice on the cutters and stores - I will be keeping my eyes peeled for new cutters that will last for a long time!! Can't wait to be MORE creative! :)


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