Silly Little Fishies Bento for Ben

Sometimes things look a lot better in my head than when I finally make them. These little fish were one of those times.

In all honesty, they probably aren't so bad, but they look a whole lot better in my imagination. I had to use double cookie cutters for the shape which made the tail to body line very pronounced.

And now I realize I'm talking about cheese fish as if this matters. ;o)

Silly Fish Paperchase Alien Bento Box

Ben has a cream cheese and jelly sandwich on Nature's Own Multigrain Rounds (still loving the blackberry pomegranate jam too). It's topped with some teeny cheese fishies. He has a few pretzels and a few of the blackberry-pomegranate Quaker Crisp things that Grandma bought. To the right, he has a fishie-shaped boiled eggs, some carrots and some cantaloupe.

I did go grocery shopping last night, so lunches may look a little more varied soon!


  1. How do you do the boiled eggs like that? I just bought a set of the molds, but still not sure how it actually works...

  2. They are really easy. Put the eggs in water, bring to a boil. Shut off the heat when the water is boiling, cover & let stand around 15 minutes. Then peel the eggs carefully under running water, pop into the molds and refrigerate for a bit. I usually leave mine a few hours minimum.

  3. The fish are cute! Maybe next time they could use a little triangle top fin?


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