Sweet Little Girl Snack Bento for Faith

Faith and I saw this idea in one of my bento cookbooks (it's from Hawaii's Bento Box) and decided we had to try it. I just bought new fall cutters which included the perfect acorn base and Faith needed a quick snack to take along after taekwondo.

She has a little girl shaped ham sandwich with a white cheddar face, bit of ham hair, orange cheddar hat & flower and mouth, plus some cucumber bits for the eyes. In case you were curious, when the whole top is decorated like that, I don't usually add extra cheese inside. Faith either eats it separately or puts the top cheese under the top bread for her snack. To the right, we have fresh strawberries and a bit of pumpkin cake. I did end up adding a few baby carrots after this picture. I thought the sandwich would shift around too much, so added a couple to fill in the gaps.


  1. Oh I love it! I just bought acorn ones too so I must give this a try...so cute!

  2. a sweet little girl indeed, nice bento.


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