Texas Rangers Bento

My friend Tom suggested on Facebook the other day that I need to make a Texas Rangers bento since they are in the playoffs. (Not following me on Facebook, you should be, I love Facebook.)

Despite the fact I am not a big baseball fan, I do love a challenge. Thankfully, the Texas Rangers have a lovely, simple logo that I was able to more or less replicate. Since it's Football Sunday at our place, I had plenty of time to try to make a Rangers logo.

Our lunch today features ham & onion/chive cream cheese sandwiches on Nature's Own Multigrain Sandwich Rounds. I figured a circle was a good starting place. It's resting on a small bed of popcorn, because you're supposed to eat popcorn at a baseball game and we don't have peanuts here. The logo on top is a circle of white cheddar for the ball, with a lovely Rangers "T" of orange cheddar and cucumber markings for the ball stitching. To the right, we have carrots and Texas star cucumbers, as well as cantaloupe and dried cran-cherries. It's packed in an Easy Lunchbox, because I needed something to let the sandwich lay flat. (Side note, they are still giving away a cooler if you pre-order a set of Easy Lunchboxes,so it's 4 boxes & a cooler for about $14, we love ours.)

And there you have it, my Texas Rangers bento!!! Hope you like it Tom! ;o)


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