And Still Another Peanut Bento

Well, if there is one thing you can say about my boy, he's remarkably consistent.

I was making lunches and asked him what kind of decorations he might want, especially since Halloween is over and it's not time for Christmas bentos quite yet. He pauses, thinks about it and says "How about a Peanut bento?" I have become quite adept at making elephants out of cheese by now. He does love his elephants!

Elephant Bento Peanut Bento

So Mr. Ben has half a ham & onion/chive cream cheese sandwich on Nature's Own 7-Grain Honey bread. It's topped with a marble cheddar Peanut with a swiss cheese ear and a sugar eye. To the left, we have some carrot sticks, to the right, a few pretzels. The bottom tier holds a cranberry-pear gingerbread muffin, fresh blackberries (on sale at Sprouts yesterday, I bought 4 containers for the boy) and cantaloupe chunks, all accented with his Peanut picks, of course!


  1. Cute! My daughter was like that too, she could go for the same thing in her lunch for days! I was wondering what the muffin was, it looks like a brown dishcloth! :D

  2. Nice to have a go-to bento preference! He knows what he likes :)

  3. He choose and you make! How cool ... and you made it very well and cute :)

  4. Adorable as usual. What kind of box are you using?

  5. It's a Clickity Click one--two tiers, top has a bear on it. :o)


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