Back to the Basics Bento for Ben

Since it's November, we're officially done with Halloween bentos for awhile. Just a wee bit thankful for that as I was starting to run out of ideas for innovative Halloween bentos!

I asked Ben what he might like today and he requested Peanut the elephant. I'm not entirely surprised, the boy still loves his elephants!

Elephant Bento Lock & Lock

Ben has a turkey & cheddar sandwich on Nature's Own Honey 7 Grain bread, topped with a cheddar Peanut with a swiss cheese ear. Next to that is a sliced boiled egg (I messed up and bought medium eggs, too small for my molds) and some carrot sticks. The bottom compartments hold a fruit salad and a piece of pumpkin chocolate chip bread. We're packed today in a 4-square Lock & Lock, because that is what I grabbed out of the cabinet. ;o)


  1. i really like that elephant cutter! so cute. And the pumpkin choc chip bread looks delicious.

  2. Aw, this is so cute, so many elephants in the bento!

  3. Very cute. Can I ask what type of container that is? Do the inner parts come looks like a perfect container...available in Canada???

  4. @Kim, it's a Lock & Lock container. I believe you can order them on Amazon. I actually got mine at Target, but several years ago. I haven't seen them instore in ages, and I'd love a second one.


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