The Kids Cook Monday - Chili Time

Trying a little something different for The Kids Cook Monday, since we usually use it for baking time. We're opting for a main dish!

I told Faith we'd make a very simple chili to start, since I had seasoning packets from Kroger (yes, this is the lazy way of making chili, and no, I really don't mind). And the lazy way of making chili also involves canned tomato sauce and kidney beans. We did read all the cans of sauce before choosing one because I wanted one with natural ingredients, not chemicals.

Faith loved making this, she got to saute the ground beef, then I showed her how to drain and rinse it well in the colander. I think she really liked using the kitchen sprayer on it.

I opened the cans for her and she added them to the beef, along with the seasonings.

Stir and simmer! Easy for my girl and we'll all be eating shortly!

Next week, it's Ben's turn to help, stay tuned!


  1. Hi - I love your blog. Not just for the great bento ideas, but because we used to live in Ft. Worth and I am so jealous that you get to live there all the time! We loved the Metroplex and miss it so much. I also wanted to let you know I linked your blog to mine today - I wrote about bento lunches. Maybe you can stop by sometime and see me! Blessings!

  2. It seems like the start of soup/stew season for a lot of people! Me too! It looks like Faith enjoyed the process. How did it comes out? The nice part about chili I think is how many variations can easily be made on that one basic recipe :-)

  3. Looks good! She really looks like she enjoys her time in the kitchen!


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