Make Your Own Perler Bead Food Picks

Or veggie picks, sandwich picks or cupcake picks, whichever you'd like!

We had Faith's birthday party yesterday (and yes, her birthday was actually at the end of September, but I haven't had a free weekend till now). We had gotten the stuff to do a Perler Bead Houseparty so decided to combine that with her birthday.

In the process of decorating, I had to make cupcake picks to match the beads and realized, these have bento potential!

They are so simple to make--regular toothpicks along with a few of the beads.

We opted for flower shapes, but I'm pretty sure you could design anything small you'd like to iron into place!

We laid out the design first, 6 of one color bead with a different color in the center.

Then I added a toothpick into it, before we ironed.

I ironed both sides and while the design was still hot, I pushed the toothpick deeper into the flower center (the hot beads were malleable enough to force it through multiple beads).

Perler Bead Food Picks

I let them cool and added them to cupcakes for the kids. We had 8 little girls, all 8 years old and up, so accidentally eating beads is not a concern of mine anymore.  Obviously, use your own discretion depending on the ages of the kids involved.

Wouldn't these be so cute in a bento? I need to try it this week. I know a lot of people ask about where to get some of the cute picks other than online. This might be a fun idea to try.

We also made our own with Faith's Nasa bento--those picks are toothpicks, cardstock & stickers. Kind of cute and easily disposable.


  1. such a great idea!!!! You can make them whatever shape you wanted! Love it!

  2. I LOVE this! Perler beads is one thing that will keep my kids busy for hours. These are perfect because they are much more quick and easy than the big ones. Can't wait to try it out!

  3. This is a *great* idea! Not just as the finished product, but also as the craft/process. Plus, I love that it gives a way to make picks with images/themes that I can't find in stores :-) How did you keep the outside petals in?

  4. So clever! Do you think the picks would be reusable as wood or would plastic picks be better, perhaps?

  5. You are brilliant! My daughter used to love playing with those beads but hasn't played with them in awhile. I am totally going to "borrow" her supplies and give this a try!!

  6. The outside petals stay once you iron them, they kind of fuse together. I had a bunch made (the finished pics) then I laid out one pre-ironing to show how. ;o)

    I'd love to try plastic picks, I didn't have any. Faith and her friends were able to work the flowers off the wooden picks, so I think the decoration could be reusable. Again, this works if you have a kid old enough not to try eating the beads!

  7. So clever and cute!!! Love the picks! :)

  8. Lovely own-made picks you have! Now I've got the urge to get those beads! My elder girl did asked me to buy for her few years back but as the younger one was too young then, I forbade her to buy. I'm sure the girls will be more happy & excited than me! LOL


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