Monster Face Bento for Faith

At least I think it's a monster. From some angles, it could kind of be a frog, maybe?

I'm really not sure. Originally it was a sandwich and boiled egg, but when I looked at it, I could see a face materializing. (Is it a sign that your mind is slipping when you see faces in your food?)

Monster Bento

Either way, Faith has a ham & swiss sub on Nature's Own Honey Wheat Hot Dog buns. I always have one or two of these leftover and subs seem to be the best way to use them out. On top, she has a boiled egg, cut in half, some carrot sticks (and two carrot round eyes with cucumber pupils), to the left of that is a piece of pumpkin chocolate chip bread. The bottom layer holds cantaloupe, honeydew and grapes. Both my kids could just eat bentos of fruit!


  1. Cutie! What's your pumpkin/chocolate chip recipe?!

  2. Here you go!

    I meant to link it, but the kids distracted me. I added the link in the post as well, it's yummy!

  3. That is incredibly cute and fun!

  4. I vote frog! The eyes remind me of those colorful tree frogs in pictures. What did Faith think it was?


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