Muffin Tin Monday - Make-Your-Own Theme

Muffin Tin Monday

It's Muffin Tin Monday again! Thankfully it's a no theme week because I have no theme in mind. ;o) I actually need to do some shopping and cooking, so making the meal with what we had in the house.

I originally was going to go with a breakfast/alphabet tin, but no good ideas for the letter D and the only thing I can ever think of for F is fish and who wants fish for breakfast? So we have a sort of breakfast/alphabet tin, with an obvious gap with the letter F (G is for grapes, you know).

Muffin Tin Monday Alphabet

Faith has:
tropical Applesauce
Blueberry Banana Bread
strawberry yogurt "Dip" (I told you it's a sort-of theme)
boiled Egg
(no letter f)

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  1. The alphabet lunch looks great! I love the "f"ancy grapes.

  2. I love alphabet tins, they are always so yummy! Happy MTM hun :)

  3. You are always so clever, and I am always impressed!

  4. Works for me! And who said that letters have to go in order ;-) What did she end up doing with the dip? I'd instinctively dunk the grapes

  5. F is for Fruit... Grapes are fruit right?
    I think it great, well done!


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