Muffin Tin Monday - Thanksgiving Leftovers

Muffin Tin Monday

Now that the holiday is over (albeit temporarily, isn't Christmas just around the corner?), it's time to get back to bentos, and muffin tins, and recipes.

Being that I cooked a nearly 10lb turkey for just the four of us, the most appropriate muffin tin theme is "Thanksgiving leftovers". Honestly, we're going to be eating turkey for the rest of our natural lives. ;o) I already have pot pies and casseroles in the freezer, so trying to figure out what I can remake the turkey into, I'm thinking a stir fry, maybe?

Anyhow, for lunch, the kids have:
Leftover turkey
Mashed potatoes with gravy already mixed in (hence the color)
Sweet potato puffs with honey & goat cheese
Carrots & cucumbers (not leftover)
The last bits of pumpkin pie with whipped cream
Banana pudding, made by Shaun's coworker Sheri for a Christmas party last night, F&B highly approve!

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  1. Leftover turkey makes an excellent chicken swap in stir fry... also it's great in enchiladas if you haven't made them yet.

  2. Oh my the sweet potato puffs with honey and goat cheese sounds amazing!!! Recipe please :) Awesome tin as usual, happy MTM :)

  3. yum. I think pot pie is going to be on our dinner menu tonight...and yes, I'd love the sweet potato puff recipe too!

  4. Yes please share recipe for the sweet potato puffs!

  5. I want the sweet potato recipe too.

  6. Looks delicious! Can't wait to see the sweet potato puff recipe.

  7. Add me to the list of people drooling for the sweet potato puff recipe! My favorite leftover turkey dish: turkey and homemade egg noodles. Happy MTM! :o)

  8. I searched and found several seemingly delicious recipes for Turkey Chili using pre-cooked shredded turkey as opposed to ground turkey. And I think you should definitely post that sweet potato puff recipe for everyone to see. :)


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