Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving Bento ...

Twas the night before turkey day,
And all through the house.
There's wasn't much food,
Not enough for a mouse.

The turkey was defrosting
In the bathtub with care,
Waiting for the stuffing
That soon would be there.

Yeah, the above is kind of all true. I need my kitchen sink, so I stuck the frozen turkey in the bathtub in the guest bathroom we don't use. It's always interesting around here!

We are also only eating food that is already opened, so today's bento is pretty simple. I did give Ben his very favorite Peanuts for decoration, he is thankful for elephants.

Elephant Bento Lunchbot

Ben has a chicken sandwich with pesto cream cheese on Nature's Own Multigrain Rounds. It's topped with a cheddar Peanut, with a Swiss cheese ear, and sugar eye. To the left, there are some pretzel grids, and on the right, strawberries and green grapes with Peanut picks. I'm out of cookies, muffins, etc, but with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I'm not baking extras right now.

Don't forget to check out our Home for the Holidays post and find out how you can win a trip home from Folger's.


  1. Cute poem!
    Did you cut that ear out separate, or is it the same cutter?

  2. Do you just get some sort of sugar eyes ready-made for cakes or something?

  3. cute elephant..!
    Happy thanksgiving for you and family

  4. Thanks so much for all of your food inspiration! I just recently purchased a bento box lunch kit for my son and have loved all of your ideas. I am passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you.

  5. Definitely a cute bento! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


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