After-Christmas Snack Bento

And we're back! Well, sort of back. I'm still in Canada, but since the main holiday-ish things are over, and the kids still need to eat, I thought I'd play around with a few new recipes.

I got a lovely cooking with kids cookbook for Christmas and one of the recipes was for stuffed biscuits with tuna. I really wanted to try them, and of course, in our world, everything is better with cheese, so we ended up with tuna & cheddar stuffed biscuits. They were quite lovely right out of the oven and I believe, out of 12, we have 6 left (with Faith and my dad not being home this afternoon). They have lots of bento potential too, they kept their shape quite well and weren't excessively crumbly.

In this bento, Ben has two of the tuna-cheddar biscuits, topped with cupcake picks I got at the Dollar Tree in Dallas. He has mitten shaped marble cheese, carrot sticks, a Christmas cookie, and blackberries that Nana got for him.

What's it packed in, you might be asking? So glad you did!

I found these at the Dollarama in Canada. They are perfect for snacks, maybe 4 inches square by 2 inches deep. Ben's, obviously, is Cars while Faith's is Hannah Montana. They are also BPA-free, which is always a nice thing to discover.


  1. I wish you could transport you r lunch to share with us. Hey - maybe you should look into that - portable lunches that you can... Wait that's a TV Dinner but I think you could put a nice healthy spin on it. Recently linked up thru 'What's for Lunch'. Look for my similar version on Tuesdays - Love this!


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