It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas Bento

Because nothing says "Merry Christmas" like standing in one's backyard in 70 degree weather on December 2nd, and picking a fresh watermelon off the vines for lunch. (And, as often mentioned on here, yes, I really am Canadian, I just really hate cold weather & snow.)

I've been just waiting to do a Christmas bento, but had to make myself wait at least till the calendar turned to December. And, being that I started prepping for Christmas ideas right after Halloween was over, I managed to lose one of the adorable sets of picks that I bought at Target specifically for Christmas bentos. I'm sure I'll find it eventually, likely the second week of January. ;o) But I digress ...

Christmas Bento

For lunch today, Faith had a turkey and chive cream cheese sandwich, on Nature's Own Multigrain Sandwich Rounds, topped with a little orange cheddar Christmas tree. Since I was feeling extra creative, the tree is decorated with Swiss cheese ornaments. She also has half a boiled egg and some carrots, plus grapes and freshly picked and freshly sliced watermelon.

This is our second to last watermelon of the season, I still have one more on my vine, then that's it till next year. I do, however, have a multitude of tomatoes (picked about 10 beautiful red ones last week) and about 75 habaƱero peppers that I'm hoping get even spicier if I wait longer. We haven't had freezing temperatures or frosts yet in Dallas, so I'm trying to hold out as long as I can on picking the rest of the garden.


  1. I think it might just be those picks. I bought and lost the same set of picks from Target: TWICE!

  2. Lucky you, still having watermelon! I hate the cold and snow too, but in the northeast US, I guess it can't be avoided. I like the little gingerbread person pick.


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