"Made by Faith" Holiday Bentos

Isn't Miss Faith awesome?

(For my newer readers, Faith is my 8 year old and she loves to cook & help in the kitchen.)

Anyhow, Tuesday night, I had to work (I tutor high school math a few times a week) and Shaun was going to take the kids to taekwondo then stay for the adult class too. Faith decided that she & Ben would likely be hungry after their class, so she made them bentos, and even set them up and took pictures for me (with the stipulation that I would post them for her).

So, here are a new set of Faith-made bentos!

They both have cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches on Nature's Own Multigrain sandwich rounds, watermelon from our garden, baby carrots and a few koala cookies. She topped the sandwiches with Christmas decorations--a cheddar stocking with a Swiss cheese ruffle for Ben and a cheddar gingerbread girl for herself. I'm impressed!


  1. That's awesome, way to go Faith! I love that at her young age she's already learned how to create a quick and easy and HEALTHY meal. Good job, Momma!

  2. Very nice! I've ordered The Manga Cookbook for my 12yo daughter (Giftmas present), which includes Bento stuff, too. :-)

    I actually made her her first Bento Lunch today!


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