Flower Snack Bento

We needed a quick snack today and Miss Faith was in a flower mood. I just bought some new sandwich fixings, so we had the perfect foods to make flowers from the deli meat. (Check out the tutorial from Deb at HapaBento to see how to do it, it's easier than you'd think!)

Faith has a salami blossom (because the salami slices are smaller than average, I actually used three pieces, one after the other, to make the blossom look fluffier). To go with said salami blossom, she has muenster cheese flowers, woven wheat crackers (aka Target brand Triscuits), a few carrot sticks, cantaloupe and blackberries. I just love the blossoms, I need to do this more often.

And in other news, if you get Family Fun magazine in the mail, check out p. 51 of the February issue to see F&B! It's all from this post, but it's so cool seeing their pictures in a big magazine!

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  1. That's a perfect snack bento...even for me! Congrats on getting F&B in the magazine! I had subscription of that for a long time...just recently discontinued due to budget. I love the different ideas the magazine provides!

    btw, have you seen Lia's recent post? She had a picture tutorial on how to make tamago (with different color layers! I think hers is way better than what I would have done...and I haven't made any since November. =(

    Here's the link: http://www.mybentolicious.com/2011/01/tips-fun-tamagoyaki.html

  2. The ham blossom virus got us all ;)

  3. HI! Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Hope you'll accept, the details are on my blog at www.bentofabulous.com (sorry I deleted my first comment, I misspelled my own web address, what an idiot!)

  4. Shannon, I was reading my Family Fun magazine...is that your children and your muffin tins on page 51?! CONGRATULATIONS!! How cool are YOU?!


  5. It is! They are so excited to see their picture in there. :o)

  6. I just saw Faith and Ben in Family Fun!! If you blogged about it, I must have missed it :) VERY fun!!

  7. Enjoyed the muffin idea and seeing your kiddos in Family Fun! Also like seeing the Dallas area represented!

  8. Wow! That was you?!! I just stumbled across your blog this week, but wanted to say how memorable your Family Fun idea was. After reading the magazine, we immediately tried out the make your own muffin idea with our playgroup and all of the kids loved it! Thank you for such a clever idea and such a fantastic blog!


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