On-the-Road Breakfast Bento

Since we are heading back to Dallas today, I opted to make the kids some bentos to take on the road with us. We took bentos on the way to Canada with us and it allowed us to drive further, stop less and for shorter amounts of time, so we figured, we'd do it again!

For an extremely portable breakfast, we opted for multigrain bagels with cream cheese (half bagels, cut in half again), that I unfortunately had to use foil to wrap the bottom of, to prevent it from getting soggy. I really hate using disposable goods but sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

But I digress, the reason behind the foil is all the yummy fruits to go with the bagel--blackberries, pineapple, cantaloupe and watermelon. I also have yogurt for the kids, but those are also in single serve containers, it's just easier that way.

Two days and we'll be back home!