A Simple Bunny Bento

We had a bit of a busy morning, so I opted for simple, matching bentos. F&B have the exact same thing, right down to the bunny decoration. The only difference is the pick (I only have one bunny). Matching lunches are so much easier, I really should do that more often. :o)

Faith has half a ham & cheese sandwich on multigrain rounds, cut in half again to fit the box and topped with a cheddar bunny (eyes and nose are cucumbers). Above that is whole grain pasta tossed with peas, carrots and a bit of ranch to make a yummy cold salad. To the right, we have fresh grapes, and below, freeze dried Asian pears and some koala cookies for a treat. Simple, quick and easy, what more to ask for!


  1. I'm curious about the multigrain rounds. I'm guessing that they are lower calorie than regular wheat or other grain breads? Less carbs? What's the texture like?

    Obviously your kids seem to like them, but what kind of difference does it make on a sandwich as far as flavor goes? Thanks for any info. I'm just curious why those instead of bread. :)

  2. Just have to say "thanks" for all the inspiration! I was in Seattle, WA last week and high on my list was a trip to a Daiso store. I am now fully stocked with bento supplies (good thing bags fly free on Southwest!)- I even have my very own "peanut" pick which of course made me think of your blog! Woo hoo!

  3. Saw you mentioned in Family Fun's Valentine issue today and a pic of your kids and their muffins. Very cool! I said to myself "Hey, I know those kids!" LOL

  4. Good call with the bunny picks! Nice variety.


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