Simple Favorites for Ben's Bento

Settling in and back to our routines, so it was decided that Ben needed a "Ben's favorites" bento. And no "Ben's favorites" bento is complete without having some Peanut decorations!

Ben has cream cheese and blackberry pomegranate jelly on 100% whole wheat sandwich rounds, a few pretzels, carrot sticks, blackberries and blueberries, all accentuated with Peanut picks. The lack of a cheese Peanut is due to the lack of cheese slices, we'll need to buy some for our creations!


  1. I saw some muffin tins with variety of fruits and stuff in Family Fun magazine and thought of your Muffin Tin Moneys.. Then I looked at the picture and saw your kids. I really liked that idea of adding your own combinations to muffins.

  2. Thanks for letting me know!!! I didn't realize the new issue was out already (I get it in the mail, so whenever it arrives, I have the new one). I may have to go to the store tomorrow, we'll need extra copies of my babies. ;o)


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