Simple Little Bento, and fresh banana bread

If you've actually read this blog for awhile, I bet you can guess which kid gets this bento. The "Peanuts" are usually a dead give away. It's just a simple little lunch today, but I do have lovely homemade blueberry-banana bread, which makes for a nice addition.

There is a half sandwich (cut in half again to fit)--salami, cheese, and whole grain sandwich rounds. There are carrots, two little mini marshmallows for a treat and a space filler, the banana bread, blackberries and blueberries.

So, any guesses which kid? ;o)


  1. Ooo blueberry banana bread sounds so delicious!! And of course Ben gets the Peanuts! :D

  2. My daughter would love this simple lunch! Nice looking blueberry banana bread!

  3. Looks yummy - I made some cranberry banana bread just a couple days ago. By the way, and maybe you posted about this but I missed it...did I see you and you children in Family and Fun magazine I got this month? How exciting!

  4. The marshmallows look like little carrot greenery too!


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