And Yet Another Peanut Bento

Between the ice storms in Dallas, and the fact that I think I might have the plague***, bentos have been few and far between over the last few days

However, I did have to feed the kids at one point and decided to make Ben a happy lunch since he is also slightly under the weather (aka, drippy and sneezy and generally unpleasant).

Nothing cheers the boy up more than a few peanuts!

So he had his favorite cream cheese and blackberry-pomegranate jam sandwich on whole grain rounds, a few strawberry panda cookies, grapes, carrots, and a few strawberry licorice pieces. The meal, of course, is accented with a cute little cheese Peanut on the sandwich (orange & white cheddar with a bit of cucumber for the eye) and his Peanut picks.

And currently working on fixing the What's for Lunch Wednesday Link-Up. Should be working sometime later today. :o)

***OK, maybe not the plague exactly, but definitely a whole sinus mess. I bet this is what the plague feels like though.


  1. Aww, so cute!

    Hope you get over the plague soon. :(

  2. Feel better soon, I've missed your posts.

  3. Get well soon! Super cute bento! :)

  4. Your plague sounds like what my older daughter has - I'm sure that weird ice storm brought it to us all!

    Cute bento!

  5. I hope you guys are better! I bought those cute cookies too, they really liven up a bento! :)


  6. Hope you all are getting better soon! Cute elephant and love the picks too :)


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