Daddy-made Bentos (guest post)

My friend Chrystyna posted these on Facebook the other day, and when I saw them, I knew I needed them for the blog. She was kind enough to send me the pictures to post!

She had foot surgery last month, and while recovering, her husband has been in charge of lunches & snacks for their little girl. Like any good daddy, he made bentos for his little princess!

I seriously think this is so awesome that he got out the boxes, the picks, and the cutters, just to make his little girl happy! :o) Yay Daddy!


  1. Love it!! My husband works 2nd shift, so our rule is I pack lunches for the school age kiddo and he does the preschooler. He often uses our sandwich cutters, cookie cutters or picks for our little one.

  2. oh shannon, what a sweet husband he is and how lucky both of your friends are. loving and caring dad like this is a rare one.. :)

  3. awww! those are wonderful! my man helps out here too when i need it..he was cutting little acorn shaped keilbassa and squirrel tortillas the other day! lol. He laughs but thinks it's totally cute!

  4. I MUST show this one to my hubby!!!


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