Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh me, oh my, oh dinosaurs, for Ben

I'm sure I've done variations on the dinosaur theme before, but we do like our dinosaurs around here.

We've been switching bookcases around--chapter books to Faith's room, early reader books to Ben's, toddler & board books packed away, so there have been lots of fun dino reads while we've been moving things. I'm not entirely sure I want to put the Sandra Boynton books away, *I* like those ones!

Mr. Ben has a dinosaur sandwich--turkey, cheese on Nature's Own Honey 7-Grain bread. The dual dino cutter was from a regular store, not specialty, maybe Walmart or Target? The dollar stores sometimes have them too.

Anyhow, back to the dino. He's got cheddar cheese spots, a white cheddar eye with a bit of cucumber to make him see. ;o) We've got carrots, mostly to hold the top dino in place, grapes with bone picks, and some teddy bear graham crackers because I need to bake.

I still think he's quite the cute prehistoric creature.


  1. We still have Sandra Boynton on our shelves! But Not the Hippopotomus is and always will be my favorite book :D It's good to keep those around for fun!

    Dino sandwiches look delicious! :D

  2. The dinosaurs are very cute - and I love the little bone picks!

  3. Sweet! Bone picks are in keeping with the theme nicely!

  4. Hi Shannon! I have a question and I apologize if it's been asked before, but how do you keep the tiny little pieces from falling off in transit?

    And I don't have a blog (yet) can I still post my pics to your What's for Lunch Wednesdays? Thanks and have a great day

  5. Very cute lunch! :D


  6. @Joanie, I usually use teeny tiny dots of cream cheese to stick things in place, just the tip of a tooth pick worth, it kind of acts as a glue. :o)



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