Silly Snack Bento for Ben

Ben needed a taekwondo snack, so it was the perfect time for some random silliness for him.

My parents sent the kids a fruit bouquet for Valentine's so we have some lovely fresh fruit in the house to fill one side of his bento. Side two was perfect for the aforementioned silly stuff.

Ben has fresh cantaloupe, grapes and a strawberry on the left, then a cream cheese & jelly castle on the right. It's one slice of honey 7-grain bread, flattened and cut into three castle pieces. I added cream cheese between one layer and jam in the other, then topped with a white cheddar finishing castle. It's being guarded by a couple of Teddy Graham sentries, and being attacked from the side by other Teddy Grahams. The pretzels have no meaning, they just kept things from spilling. ;o)

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  1. Very the "guards":) Glad the kids enjoyed the fruit! Love them and miss them!

  2. The pretzels can be an alien spaceship that is trying to attack the castle, that is why the teddy graham bears are trying to protect the castle! hehe!!

  3. The castle is so cute :D
    and even though you said those pretzels have no meaning, i would loveeee to have some :D :D


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