"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Bento

But the fire is so delightful! (Yep, got one of those going too.)

Tuesday greetings from the frozen tundra that is North Texas today. It's not even all that snowy, but it is soooooo icy today. We are staying indoors, away from all the crazy drivers and just hanging out.

But Ben & I were bored, so we decided to use out some leftovers and crafted a lovely batch of cheesy BBQ stuffed muffins. I had a bit of pulled pork BBQ leftover from the other day, cheese, corn muffins fixings, and a plan. The boy was happy to help, but requested we showcase our creations in a bento. Will do!

Ben's bento features a cheesy BBQ muffin, grapes, carrots and a few wee bits of red licorice for a treat. The picks were from the Dollar Tree before Christmas time. We used the Christmas-y ones awhile ago, but saved the winter ones for later usage. Today, we broke them out, used the snowflake cupcake wrappers for our muffins and the picks for decoration!

For the corn muffin base, I recommend this recipe or you can cheat and use Jif (which I sometimes do too). The BBQ pork would be this recipe, on my family blog. I used the rest of the pork, maybe 1.5 to 2 cups-ish? and half a bag of shredded cheddar cheese.