Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Bentos and Rainbow Cupcakes

Last night, Faith had a Brownie event where each girl needed to bring 2 dozen cupcakes. It was for Mardi Gras and being hosted by the church who sponsors our troop, so they asked for a bit of help. Now, I couldn't just buy cupcakes, that wouldn't be any fun, so Faith and I made rainbow cupcakes! We had a few leftover to add to our bento today. Rainbow cupcakes = happy bentos!

Miss Faith had cream cheese and jelly pita pockets, topped with cheese flowers, mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries & raspberries, even though I think Ben ate most of those), carrots and cucumber flowers, and one of the rainbow cupcakes!

You don't really get the full effect of the rainbow in the bento, so had to share one more picture!

I am in love with how cute the layers look. And I am now addicted to Wilton's canned icing with the decorating tips. So much easier than regular icing and it looked cuter too.


  1. Great cupcakes! Do you remember where you got that box? It looks like a great size for my four year old. Thanks!

  2. It's a Lock & Lock container. I actually got it at Target several years ago, so I think Amazon or somewhere else online might be a better option. All four little containers life out, so you can remove 2 for a sandwich half or something.

  3. So cute! A colorful cupcake definately makes bento even better!

  4. Beautiful! I really want to try rainbow cupcakes, but the thought of all those colored doughs is a bit off-putting. Super cool bento too!

  5. Thanks Shannon! I found it on Amazon. Thanks so much for the info and for all of your beautiful, inspiring lunches!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Sheri, they took *forever*. Dividing/coloring the dough wasn't too bad, but layering it carefully was a huge pain.

    It probably didn't help that I really need 24 cupcakes and ended up with 21. The dough was more appropriate for about 18, imho, so maybe easier if you're not trying to spread micro-spoons of batter?

  7. The Charles Observer - What'd you look it up under?



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