Happy St. Patrick's Day Bento!

Had to celebrate, just a little, since we've got a busy night and will not be having corned beef or cabbage today. I do have a very nice split pea soup in the crockpot, so at least we've got the color scheme going!

For lunch, the kiddos had sandwiches (ham & cheese on whole wheat rounds), topped with cheese shamrocks. If you don't have a shamrock cutter, 3-4 hearts are quite useful. To the right, we've got green honeydew, cut into clovers, and to the left, green cucumbers, also cut into clovers. A couple of green veggie chips and a couple of green little marshmallows round out the lunch.

In theory, I was going to make rainbow cupcakes again, but honestly? Those are cute but a huge pain to make. We'll have brownies instead.


  1. Ok, is there a link to the rainbow cupcakes, I want to see these!

  2. sounds yummy! I love all the inspiration your blog gives, i had completely forgotten today was St. Patrick's Day until last night so I had to think of something festive to throw together with what I had. He ended up with a shamrock shaped, jelly and cream cheese, sandwich with a shamrock shaped slice of cheddar cheese on top, green and gold goldfish, corn and green beans and a container of apple sauce which I told my self was a pot of gold! :)

  3. Love the clover leaves. We really need to get a few more cutters as Aud is getting better with them. And cheese tastes better in a heart shape.

  4. I think i have to buy the clover cutter. I love your idea to cut honeydew using that cutter. :)


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