A Little Monkey Lunch for my Monkey Girl

Who, despite her strong desire to climb everything, does not enjoy being referred to as my monkey girl. Personally, if she didn't do things like climb the outside of the stairway or you know, jump off the second floor balcony and break her legs, I likely wouldn't call her my monkey.

Either way, Little Miss Monkey has a ham & cheese sandwich on the last of the tomato basil rolls we bought at Kroger (very very good rolls). The monkey pick helps hold it all together. She also has grapes with another monkey pick and a banana muffin, with one more monkey in it. Trying to finish out some things we already had made, so a little less creative, but we can make some new stuff now.

In unrelated news, I have a copy of the new Yogi Bear movie to give away! Leave a comment on this post in the review blog to enter! (Entries are due by 28-March and the winner will be drawn on 29-March.)


  1. I love all you cute lunch ideas :) I always come away from your blogs with lots of fun things I want to try :)

  2. Ouch! It's hard to watch the kids get so active and not worry. Luckily their bones (and bruises) heal quickly. Very appropriate monkey picks :)

  3. Hey hiii, First time dropping by and am new into bento. Trying to learn from all of you, bento lovers hehe.. oh yea, have grab your button into my blog :) and also following u .. nice blog!

    I think kids nowadays are really active. My little boy too but not climbing but playing with pots as if it's a drum! LOL


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