Picnic Day Bentos

I originally was planning on a fun pasta salad bento, maybe some other slightly messier items, then F&B decided they wanted to have a picnic in the front yard. It's a lovely day outside, so I scrapped my other plans to throw together a simple, easy-to-eat-on-your-lap lunch. Definitely a good idea on my part, they aren't quite the neatest eaters I've ever seen.

The kids had chicken & veggie stuffed muffins, along with a few pretzels, and a mixed fruit salad. This is obviously Ben's lunch, as is shown by a) the Peanut picks and b) the fact that I was able to include blueberries in the pasta salad. Faith had similar, but just the cantaloupe, strawberries and pineapple. The blueberries might poison her or something. ;o)


  1. These chicken veggie stuffed muffins sound yummy. You may have already put the recipe on here - if so where and if not can I PLEASE have it? My picky bento lover will not eat raw veggies but loves them cooked - so this would be great for her. Thanks

  2. I would love the recipe too! Jessi, my 7 yr old doesn't eat a lot of cooked veggies. I bought 'Deceptively Delicious' and have hidden them in all kinds of things! She hates broccoli so I mix broccoli slaw & coleslaw together when we want coleslaw. She tells me it's the best coleslaw ever!!

  3. Very cute. I would love the recipe, too!

  4. <3 It all looks great, what fun toothpicks! I'd love the recipe for the muffins, too!

  5. Sure!

    It's not hard, you can either use a boxed corn muffin mix or you can try this base:

    To this, add about two cups of diced or shredded *cooked* chicken. It can be the diced deli kind or leftovers, whichever, just as long as it is precooked. Then add about 1 1/2 cups of frozen mixed veggies.

    Mix well, spoon into muffin cups and bake per directions (I think the boxed mix may be different than my base, so use whichever as a guideline).

  6. shannon, i miss youuuy :D
    i haven't visit anyone's bento blog for these three days. you're soo goood in muffin things :)


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