The Accidental Bento

Don't you just love when happy cooking accidents results in delicious results?

These cheesy roll-ups are one of those kinds of happy accidents. I opened the drawer in the fridge to get out sandwich rounds and discovered that one of my crescent roll cans had split at the seam. Since I couldn't bear to waste delicious crescent roll dough, I had to figure out a way to salvage it.

I googled ideas, combined those with my own thoughts and came up with some lovely cheesy crescent roll pinwheels.

The result? Yummy accidental snack bentos. Ben has a cheesy roll up pinwheel, along with cucumbers and cantaloupe, a great after taekwondo snack!

If you're curious as to the pinwheels:

Combine a few teaspoons of mayo, a few teaspoons of Philly Cooking Creme (I used the Italian Herb & Cheese), a pinch of garlic, and a few handfuls of shredded cheese into a bowl.

Mix till combined, then spread over the rolled out crescent dough.

Roll it up, slice into pinwheels and bake per crescent roll directions (I think 375 for about 12 minutes, but double check your package to be sure).

These were divine out of the oven, I think I'm going to make them on purpose tonight, to go with our chicken alfredo. ;o)


  1. Yummy, I can't wait to try these! I love new uses for crescent rolls and philly cooking creme :D

  2. happy accidents inspire creativity! looks delish!

  3. Cheese plus bread? Can not think of a more perfect combo. Super yummy bento!


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