Easter Egg Ideas for Bento!

While everyone is busy getting ready for Easter, there still lies the age old question--what to do with the rest of the boiled eggs???

Now, we'll probably make egg salad and/or eat them plain, but wanted to share two fun ideas I blogged out last year that are so cute in bentos!

Easter Egg deviled egg chicks! Cut the egg in half across the middle, scoop out the filling, mix it up a bit, then rescoop with a melon baller and put back into the egg white. These ones have carrot beaks and two jimmies as the eyes. Cucumber, raisin, red lettuce, etc, also work great for eyes, I just didn't have it at the time of the original post.

Egg bunnies! These are the ones I made for Ben's preschool picnic last year. Cut the egg in half lengthwise, then decorate with carrot ears and cucumber/red lettuce/spinach faces.

Of course, you could still make egg salad! We liked our bunny wraps with egg salad--make your wrap, then cut two little slits in the top for carrot bunny ears and decorate the face!

In case I don't make lunch tomorrow, Hoppy Easter in advance! :)


  1. oh my gosh that little chick deviled egg is sooooooo cute!!!

  2. Great ideas! Can't wait to try that wrap. :)

  3. Oh these are all such brilliant ideas! But my favourite is definitely the Devilled Egg Chick!

  4. Awesome ideas, Shannon! The wrap looks really good. Plus it is the Year of the Rabbit, so another excuse to decorate those eggs.

  5. what adorable ideas. i love your blog. you always have the cutest pictures.


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