Leftover Bento for Ben

We've been on a goal of cooking a lot more at home, for all meals. For us, this is a huge deal, as we are big "let's go out to dinner" kind of people. However, this means that we now have a ton of leftovers, so I'm experimenting with how to repurpose them, bento-style, for lunch!

Today, I present turkey joe wraps!

Ben has the leftover sloppy joe mix (made from ground turkey), wrapped in butter tortillas and sealed with a cute penguin pick. The penguin is more for functionality than looks, he has trouble with messy wraps still. To go with that, he has blueberry-pomegranate crisps and pretzels, then the entire top tier is filled with fruits. We have sliced strawberries, cantaloupe and grapes right now, so lots of the boy's favorites!

I've discovered that wraps may be one of the best ways of reusing the leftovers with a slightly different twist, and the butter tortillas from the Kroger bakery are awesome!


  1. Sounds good! Does he eat it cold? I'd love to send something like this to school with my kids but I don't know if they would like it cold.

  2. I totally get what u doing with the home cooking. Where I'm from (Singapore) cooked food is readily and cheaply available all day. It's so easy to just decide to eat out or buy in. My family (me mostly) are on a quest for eating in most of the week. To feed the kids better for sure!

  3. I call those Sloppy Toms because they are made with Turkey. That's what my mom always called them when she made them.


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