National Grilled Cheese Day Bento!

It's National Grilled Cheese Day! Really! I'm not making this up!

Of course, we had to have grilled cheese for lunch to observe this festive occasion. Personally, I like a blend of yummy cheese on my sandwiches, so I used a medium cheddar, havarti and an old white cheddar for these. Swiss would have been good too, but I'm out of that.

Ben had his grilled cheese sandwich, complete with a cheesy Ben on top, along with carrots, cucumber, fresh pineapple and a couple of mini chocolate chip cookies.

Hope you all had a Happy Grilled Cheese Day too!


  1. I came across your blog a few months ago as I started looking for good lunch ideas for my daughter for when she starts Kinder in the fall. You have some awesome ideas but was wondering about some of the foods because obviously like the grilled cheese, it was cooked and then given in lunch and by lunch time was cold. I dont think my daughter would eat it. Do your kids ever seem to not like something because it is not warm?

  2. @Are We There yet? --- I'm in the same boat as you because my oldest will be starting K next year... What I've been doing is "test-driving" some foods now... I'll make practice lunches in the morning to eat at lunch time to see if they are still yummy a few hours later... I've found some lunches work, but aren't enough to fill them up, or some don't last well, etc...

  3. I cannot believe I missed Grilled Cheese day! Very cute lunch to celebrate :D

  4. National Grilled Cheese Day?!! Seriously, wow that goes straight to the top of the list for my favorite holidays. Is there a crazy list of food holidays? That way I can prepare food on their actual holiday?!



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